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Kinkster Munch, June 20 11AM
Topic: BDSM and abuse

When does consensual BDSM become abusive? Does it? What constitutes abuse in a D/s relationship? Can harm equal to what happens to some in First Life affect people in a similar way in Second Life? Please join our discussion of BDSM and abuse this Saturday at the Kinkster Munch.

The Kinkster Much Group meets at the Diloba Celtic Pub each other Saturday. If there is a topic you would like covered, please IM either Vannesh Cannoli or Lex Berchot. All people are welcome to listen and participate in group discussions, which are low key, and designed to foster learning and sharing. Please join us, and IM Lex Berchot or Vannesh Cannoi for an invite to the group to gain information on future meetings and topics.

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Hey all! I’ve been doing some thinking, and I’d like to pick up blogging again, so if you’ve missed me, good things are in store. If you haven’t missed me, well, it’s not like I’m forcing you to read this.

Here in the near future, I’d like to review the relatively new pony kit from Mesmerize Dungeon. However, before I do that, I thought I’d share a little guide to my fellow SL tinkerers.

The new MD boots are really great. They’re some of the tallest boots I’ve ever seen in SL, and they’re reeeeeeally freaking sexy. Shu got me a pair of the knee highs, and I think they’re my new favorite boots.

However, when putting together a pony ensemble, you run into a bit of a problem. The pony boots only come in mid thigh versions. While I have nothing against mid thigh, knee-high is, in my perhaps not quite humble opinion, so much sexier. However, the pony boots have some things that the knee-high fetish boots don’t; namely, the training scripts (like the MD ballet boots), and some pony walk animations that I think are practically worth the L$750 all on their own.

This got me thinking: is it possible to move the scripts around? These are both from the same designer, after all. I put down the L$750 for a pair of pony boots and began tinkering, and it so turns out, ladies and gentlemen, that it is, and it’s not all that hard either.

It’s basically just a straight inventory swap: rez a copy of one of the right-foot pony boots, copy its inventory to your inventory, then rez a copy of the fetish boots and clear it’s inventory, then drop the contents of the pony boot into the fetish boot.

HOWEVER, there are a couple scripts you will want to be careful of:

plugo-color: This is the script that handles the coloring of all the various parts of the boot. Due to structural differences in the boot, I’m assuming that the pony boot version of this script will not work on the fetish boot. You will want to keep the fetish boot’s copy of this script, and not move the pony boot’s version.

kinky boot r: As far as I can tell, this script controls communication between the two boots, the left boot having a script called “kinky boot l.” The pony boots have an equivalent script called “pony boot r” that will not work with the kinky boot, even with the pony boot scripts. Again, you will want to keep the “kinky boot r” script and not copy “pony boot r.”

Once you’ve gotten everything set up, you have a pair of ultra-sexy knee high boots with the added treat of the training scripts and AO from the pony boots. No, you don’t have the ultra-cute horseshoe sole the pony boots have, but this will have to do until we can get Latexina to give us a pair of knee-high pony boots. Personally, I’d also like the pony boots to not only be knee-high, but have MD-cuffs compatible cuffs on them like the ballet boots have.

Anyway, talk to you all again soon! Hopefully I’ll have a full review of the MD pony gear put together here soon!


– Vel

P.S.: This has been cross posted from my blog, Kinky Kitten Kaboodles.

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