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Well, as I mentioned on a previous post on the Subbie Union site, It’s been a while since I’ve been able to do a lot of bondage stuff with Master. Sure, I can tie myself up easy enough in SL, but it’s just not the same (No motivation to actually stay tied up and not cheat out when it becomes inconvenient, for example). However, recently Master has been at least attempting to get on more often, and we’ve gotten so much more time together, which means I’ve been tied up more!

That brings me to last night. Master had told me in email earlier that he had a game in mind that involved being blindfolded, if I was in the mood for it. Since we generally don’t get a whole lot of time together I’m usually in the mood for anything, but past experience has shown that me not being in the mood for something can ruin an evening…

Now, I have a love/hate relationship with SL blindfolds (mostly hate). Firstly, I’m a very visual person. It really affects my enjoyment of a scene in SL if I can see what’s happening. Yes, we can emote it and I can use my imagination, but it’s not the same for me. (For the uninitiated, most serious SL blindfolds use a hud to cover up the screen and simulate a real blindfold.)

Second, unlike it’s real life counterpart, Second Life bondage play lacks the tactile element entirely. I can’tInside a virtual blindfold feel the leather and steel against my skin, so I really have to see it to get the full impact. (I don’t want a lot of real-life details to seep into this blog, but I will mention that I love blindfolds in real life. They really enhance the sense of helplessness and the feel of the restraints. Anyway…)
However, Master was on, and he had a game he wanted to play that involved a blindfold, so I went for it. That’s the best way to use a blindfold anyway, as part of a game, or to actively accentuate a scene, not just stuck on for the hell of it.

The game was this: I was to be shackled, arms in a U and hobbled, gagged, and blindfold set so that I could just barely see through. (Medium, for those familiar with Marine‘s blindfold.) Then we would go to Bondage Ranch, which for those of you unfamiliar with it is almost always crowded. Master would run off and find a place to stand, and I would have to go find him. He would find a new spot every 3 minutes, and he would avoid the crowd; once I found him, I had to touch him and greet him as my Master. I had 30 minutes. If I lost, I would be locked up in Sables Bane helmet, naked, in a public place. If I won, he would take me out for a romantic night dancing, at a sim that’s a mockup of the TItanic. We’ve been once before, and we enjoyed it immensely.

Well, he got me set up at the ranch, then took off, and I after him. I immediately got worried, ’cause I could hardly see anything! I couldn’t even tell where any people were until I got right on top of them! The next day was my day off too, and I did not look forward to spending it in that helmet!

It was his moving every three minutes that did it. I might not be able to see much, but motion is so much easier to pick out than static objects, and I caught some movement a bit away from me and zeroed in on that. Turned out to be Master! I walked right up to him and said, “Memmo Mafmem!” (I was gagged, after all).

All in all, I took only ten minutes to find him. Afterward, he went and sat on a bench and hogtied me at his feet, which is a favorite of his. A fun night with Master, and now he owes me dancing! Yay!

Until next time,

– Vel

Me and Master at Bondage Ranch ^.^

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Well shortly after Mistress left for the night, I decided to head into the world. Sure it is easy being a bane when nobody is around on a skybox ..roughly 400-odd meters of the ground. But nobody said that it was about being easy. In fact I think some one (who goes by the designation of M-8722) posted on Marine’s Blog that it was an experiment to be savored. So my first act was to leave the safe and comfortable surrounding of home behind me. knowing it might be a while before I am there again.

Anyway, I digress. I made my way to Deitide and after a brief wandering around there and Castle Darkstone, i found myself near the Stonehenge monument. I thought this was as good a place to spend the night as any. I made myself as comfortable as possible and dozed off for the night 🙂

The following morning I set off exploring the surrounding. I am still half of mind to try and make my way across to Zhora. just I guess to see others in somewhat similar circumstances. Perhaps. The relaxing morning (Deitide is quite a pretty sim to wonder around in) was somewhat broken by me crossing paths with fdili Polki. I am not sure what she must have been thinking. By the looks of it she was quite new to Second Life and I am sure she was just looking to talk to me. I think my behaviour must have kinda spooked her as I abrubtly turned around and kept moving away from her as steadily as possible. I could have tp-ed away but somehow I never saw a reason to. So fdili, sorry if I didn’t talk back to you or paid you any attention, I am just not able to do that.

Anyway the rest of the day I spend mostly lazing about around Deitide and neighboring sims. Hopefully more later on my time ..


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Well this is going to be a short post. Right now I am back in the banesuit (using Scorpions/Sables bane suit). I have been informed that I will be in this for at least 24 hours, well that is 24 hours + any time I add to it myself due to violations.

Right now, I have made my way into deitide, finding a place to sleep between the walls of stonehenge. I will try to give tomorrow a better update. Part of me is thrilled to be back and part of me is a little bit scared. How will things be the second time around? I have no idea right now. Guess time will tell.

For now .. lex is gone .. and L-8746 is back. For how long, again, time will tell


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[announce]: A new blog

I like to take this moment to point your attention to a new blog. My wonderful sis Vel has opened her own blog after cohabiting here with me and the other editors for ages (come on you lot, you have access, write!!).

Her blog is aptly named “Kinky Kitten Kaboodles“, and I hope that she’ll always write as wonderful as she did her first post! I am sure looking forward to reading more (hint!hint!hint!).

Anyway head on over, I did manage to leave some of the coffee still, so there might be a drop or two to share.

sis ..? *hugs* Congrats on your new blog and Best of luck!
ps: you better keep posting here as well!! or you and I are going to have words and drawn katanas at dawn 😉


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