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Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, so I figured I’d better let you all know that we haven’t all dropped off the face of the second earth.

The first question on your minds is probably “Why has it taken so long?”

Well, the simple answer is, I’ve been busy. Long answer: First off, Christmas really got rough at my FL work, which really made me too winded to dive into any more big projects. After that, I just felt I needed to recover. I also took a mini-break from SL (about a week), since it got to the point where SL’s general futziness really began to annoy me. I’m back now, though, and better than ever! 😀

Another thing that comes into play is that my normal domms have not been on a lot lately to play. I was hoping to do a whole set about pony play, but that got pushed back when my master’s schedule got too busy to make a lot of time for SL, so that’s been tabled (more about it later though!). I’ve also been setting up a new house in Extropia (SLURL)(which I wholly recommend visiting, it’s a beautiful sim, and the people are great! It’s not a BDSM sim, but it is BDSM friendly.)

All right, on to the second question on all your minds: “When are you going to update the Iso Suit Tutorial to 1.13??!!!”

Short answer, soon-ish-maybe. There are some problems that I run into. For one, I’d like to build another from scratch: There are some oddities in building the first one that don’t need to be there, and starting from scratch would allow me to address these. However, this would require a small fortune that I don’t have at the moment (to be honest, I’m pretty strapped for cash, and can’t afford to spend in SL like I have in the past). My general business lately doesn’t help either.

Well, on to our third question, “What are you up to now? Are there any projects / ideas you have in mind?”

As a matter of fact, yes! For one, as I mentioned earlier, I’d like to delve a bit deeper into pony play. I’ve gone and added home-brewed scripts to make all my pony gear Restrained Life compatible, And would like to do an extended semi-iso ponification with Master, once his schedule gets less chaotic. Blog updates will ensue, of course. 🙂

Secondly, as I hinted earlier, I’ve kinda delved into scripting, and would like to make several basic scripts people can use to make their items Restrained-Life lockable. One will be a basic touch-lock; another will use chat commands in case the item already is scripted with a touch event, as some of my pony gear is (which is also harder to code…). I’ve also touched on building (Well, ok, I’ve now built two houses, so I guess “touched” is a but understating…), and also listed my fist item on OnRez (a simple bubblechair… no, not bondage furniture :P) mostly to see how the process works.

Of course, updating my Iso Suit stuff to 1.13 is on the table, as well as an extended run in it, which I haven’t done yet and will itch to experience until I do. 😛

Anyway, that’s what’s up with me, and sorry for not being more active on the blog (And **really** sorry for not updating to 1.13!! I’ll get to it! Honest!). Hopefully I’ll have some new stuff to report soon. 🙂

I hope everything is going well with our readers! See you soon!


– Vel


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