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Hey all, just letting you know the auction will probably be this Saturday, at the Slut Pen (Sarah’s)… not sure what time, because Darryl doesn’t know when he will be on.

ADDENDUM: Well, it wasn’t fated,it seems… Darryl was kept busy all day, and didn’t manage to get on until 9 or so… I’ll keep you all posted!


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Well, here we are… mistress has gotten into the habit of “tucking me in” every night… given the nature of this blog, you can imagine what this entales…

Triple LeashWell, I just had to come up with a way to make it more interesting…

It’s difficult to see in the picture, but I am actually leashed from three different locations… My gag is leashed to the headboard, my wrists are leashed to the foot of the bed, and the collar chain goes to the wall. Of course, everything is spaced juuuuust right so as to make it impossible to move away at all.

Triple Leash 2

Oddly enough, the immobility hasn’t bothered me too much. Things have been so hectic at work lately (RL… no, I won’t tell you more details, don’t ask…) that I haven’t been up to doing anything anyway, so it’s been welcome. 🙂

Of course, since this amount of trouble isn’t enough for me, I went and added a RR leash script stolen from a pair of Marine’s handcuffs and stuck them in the leg irons…

Quadrouple LeashedThe chains are a bit easier to see here, so I think this is rather self explanatory…

Anyway, I hope I’ve fired up some Dommish imaginations (you can thank me later Lex :P)

Until later all!

– Vel

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Lex and I went shopping and I insisted we get her a lovely new outfit. 🙂

She looks very yummy indeed. Although I know she insists she doesn’t like pink, it looks good on her. Lex is wearing her neko ears and tail, creating a lovely look.

Lovely Lex’s new look

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That does it, I’m too mischievous for my own good…

I made the mistake of admitting to Master Darryl that I was bored (always risky), so he came up with a little game for myself and Mickie to play… He locked us up in a cage, naked, kneeling, with our hands bound by our elbows and wrists behind our backs; Whoever brought the other person to the brink three times then made her cum would be released, while the other would be locked in the cage for an hour.

So there it was… I had Mickie pretty much helpless (She’s VERY ticklish) and my hands at her crotch, and was working her over… I had brought her to the brink, but that wasn’t enough… I kept her there, for several minutes… it was a fine line to walk, if I brought her over the edge, I would lose. I had brought her to the brink for the second time, while she hadn’t been able to get me very far at all, so I was well in the lead… but, my playful side got the best of me and I kept on, keeping her right on the edge…

Then she came.

I just had to push…I’m still not certain whether I really regretted doing it, the tart I am, but the penalty had to be served… of course, the cage I was in was not good enough, I had to be put in one with a cross inside, spreading me wide for anyone to see.

I’m not quite sure why I took Darryl’s offer… I guess I was feeling especially adventurous at the time… I also had work (dancing at Erotic Angels, if you don’t know)… anyway, he offered to let me out on the condition that he would auction me off at a future date for two hours of service… oh, I would be blindfolded for it too…

I agreed…


I’m still not sure what I was thinking, this isn’t something I would normally do… I guess I’m just feeling really adventurous.

See my fellow unionites on the auction block!

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